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One of the priorities of the Area management is the preservation of the sea birds that nest in Protected Marine Area. For this reason, the “Avifauna Project” was arranged.

The purpose is to estimate the total population of three species involved in this preservation project: the Phalacrocorax aristotelis desmarestii, the Puffinus yelkouan and the Larus audouinii.
This project also studies the reproduction habits of the three species (especially in the Puffinus yelkouan), study the importance of the physical location of reproduction (especially in the Larus Audouinii) and look for other species nesting in the area.
For each species, a specific action plan has been created. Actions specific to each species are enacted every year during the nesting period. For the Larus audouinii, the colony is spotted and the amount of eggs deposited is estimated during the first reproductive phase. After this, the nests and the eggs are counted. Finally, using a telescope, the plastic rings on tagged birds’ legs are read. These tagged birds are marked on the leg with a spot (that acts as an ID card). In 2006 and 2007, the Olbia Port Authority prohibited bathing and boat traffic between mid-May and mid-July to protect the colony in Molara.
The period between mid-May and mid-July is the mating season of the sea gulls (Larus Audouinii), and they are very sensitive to human activity. For the Puffinus Yelkouan, a census is taken during the nightly rafts. Subjects arriving from the four coastal stations are counted; during the night, colonies are located and monitored (to identify night bird choruses).
Finally, thirty nests are identified and followed to evaluate reproductive success. For the aristotelis desmarestii, the nests visible on the rocky cliffs are counted and other possible reproductive sites are searched. Finally, the nests are counted during visits to Molarotto and other little islands inside the Protected Marine Area.

  • Berta Minore Mediterranea
  • Herring gull
  • Marangone dal ciuffo
  • Common Sterna


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