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Sea Urchins

In the region of Sardinia, fishing of sea urchin is regulated by the regional government. The Protected Marine Area has consequently started to monitor the sea urchin population to evaluate the effects of protection measures.

This is done by analyzing the density and the size of sea urchins, both inside and outside the protected areas, and between the zones of the Protected Marine Area (i.e. Zone A and Zone C).
The effects of ecological protection measures can be determined by analyzing the relationships between algae, sea urchins, and the composition and abundance of fish fauna.
Limits on sea urchin fishing are established through resource management guidelines.
The sea urchin is a very important species inside the Protected Marine Area, as it is a vital component in the sub-coastal ecosystem. Fish eat smaller sea urchins, while fishing activities impact larger creatures (more than 5 cm). Therefore, tracking the number of sea urchins over the course of years makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of protection measures.



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