Rete Regionale per la conservazione della Fauna Marina SardegnaAMP Tavolara - Punta Coda Cavallo is a node of Sardinia Regional Network for Marine Fauna Conservation

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We must establish benchmarks in order to improve our performance from an environmental point of view. Area Management has joined EMAS (Eco-management Audit System) to go beyond simply respecting the law.

This system encourages rationalization of capacity and management, on a voluntary basis, based not only on compliance with limits set by law, but also on continuous improvement of environmental performance.
This can be established by creating relationships with institutional partners and the public through active participation of employees.
To achieve this result, the Marine Protected Area was subjected to a verification and certification process of its environmental management system and validation of the environmental statement by independent and accredited bodies – SINCERT, the national chapter of EMAS and the Ministry of the Environment.
Verification was provided by RINA (Italian Naval Registry), which represents an organ of reference for all maritime matters. To join the EMAS, the Protected Marine Area performed an initial environmental review, established an environmental policy with objectives and principles of action and drew up an environmental program (to be updated every three years).
The Marine Area performed an environmental audit through a periodic, objective and systematic evaluation, documenting their performance and system management.
Finally, management prepared an environmental statement for the public.
Once the statement was validated, the Marine Area applied for inclusion in the EMAS European list.
The process of verification and validation has not been completed, but each year the Area is subject to checks by the committee, which verifies management and the progress on the processes involved in certification. 




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