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Rete Regionale per la conservazione della Fauna Marina SardegnaAMP Tavolara - Punta Coda Cavallo is a node of Sardinia Regional Network for Marine Fauna Conservation

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Working group

The staff at the Protected Marine Area is composed of qualified staff, capable of carrying out the different tasks of competence, but also to cooperate in the activities of other sectors, the logic of teamwork.

  • The Directorate operational deals to set, coordinate and manage all activities relating to the Marine Protected Area;
  • The Technical Department coordinates public works and care the preparation of contracts and invitations to tender;
  • The Office Environment coordinates and monitors all activities of monitoring and scientific research of direct concern for the protection of habitats and species, collaborating with several Universities and Research Institutes;
  • The Environmental Education Office coordinates the actions of education to the environment and sustainability and care activities of the Centre for Environmental Education the Protected Marine Area;
  • The Communications Sector is to make visible outside activities from the Navy, taking care of communication activities, including relations with the press and managing the Internet site;
  • The administration is divided in the following areas:
    1. General Administration
    2. Ragioneria
    3. Secretariat
    4. Office Protocol


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