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Olbia is at the heart of the Protected Marine Area, as the islands of Tavolara, Molara and Molarotto lie within its borders.

The harbor has been the center of social and commercial life of the city dating back to ancient times. The Nuragic civilization, the Punics and the Romans all settled in, and exploited, the area. The Romans developed the harbor, which then became an important trading center with the rest of the peninsula and a strategic naval base. After the end of the Western Roman Empire, Olbia fell into decline.
It was attacked by the Vandals, who destroyed it and sank the ships in the harbor. The ruins of these ships can be visited today in the Archeological Museum, close to the B. Brin dock. During the Giudicati period, Olbia experienced relative peace. Between the end of the 11th and the beginning of the 12th Century, the Church of San Simplicio (dedicated to the city’s patron saint) was built.
After the Aragonese conquest and the shifting of the focus of trade from the Italian to the Spanish peninsula, a new dark period began for Olbia. Malaria and numerous raids forced the population to move to the hinterland of Gallura and to Corsica.
The rebirth of Olbia occurred only in the second half of the 20th Century. The renovation of the harbor, the return of commerce with the Italian peninsula and the completion of the Cagliari – Chiliviani – Olbia railroad brought an increase in population and standard of living. Since the turn of the century, Olbia has been experiencing a period of continuous economic, social and cultural growth.
The sudden boom in tourism has been the engine behind this growth. This rapid, and often short-sighted, growth did not always take into account the impact on the environment.
One of the goals of the Tavolara – Capo Coda Cavallo Protected Marine Area is to promote a new sustainable development for Olbia, for its people and for its environment.



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