A citizen science project conceived by the Management Consortium of the WAP of Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo and financed by the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea, with the aim of involving the citizen in scientific activities and participating in the protection of the marine environment. The volunteers are involved in monitoring activities with the coordination and super vision of the staff of the Amp of Tavolara.

USE WELL THE BEACH, The planned information activities mainly concern issues related to the sustainable use of coastal environments, waste management, the reduction of plastics and waste produced by smoking, also according to the indications of the trade union ordinances recently issued by the municipalities of the Management Consortium.  

SEA FOREST monitoring that foresees to evaluate the density of the prairie of  Posidonia oceanica  through the counting of leaf bundles within a square frame of 50x50 cm. The project aims to train divers with an open water patent on the fundamental ecological role of Posidonia oceanica and at the same time to determine its state of health using the density of the bundles as a reference index. 

EXPLORE THE COAST snorkeling activity for the identification of alien marine species open to tourists, local citizens and high school volunteer students, trained in the recognition of the species being monitored and accompanied by specialized instructors. The monitoring is based on a standardized scientific protocol along transects with water depths not exceeding 3 m. The data collected will also be made available to a non-specialized public.

CLEAN THE BEACH provides for the involvement of students and high school students in order to monitor the beaches of the MPA with the Mac (Coastal Environment Monitoring) protocol emerged, which provides for the collection of data useful for the management of the resource and to promote environmental sustainability and protection activities on the beaches.